Family of killer of 7 Israelis gets $1,700 advance

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 The family of the killer of 7 Israelis received a $1,700 advance payment

As part of the welfare program, the Palestinian Authority pays monthly rewards to Palestinians (and their families) who carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers. Zina Rakhamilova, an activist, co-founder and COO of Social Lite Creative, voiced this opinion in her article in the Jerusalem Post.

In particular, family members of Kairi Alkam, a Palestinian who killed seven Israelis near the Ateret Avraham synagogue in Neva -Yakove, have already received an advance of $1,700 (NIS 5,896) as a monthly allowance.

According to the Israel Defense and Security Forum, the income of a Palestinian terrorist serving a life sentence in prison is a salary 4 times the average income and 8 times the Palestinian minimum wage.
Israeli NGO Palestinian mediawatch reported that the PA has spent at least $271 million (NIS 939 million) in 2021 stipend payments to terrorists and does not intend to stop there.

Andes, Australia and Germany have reduced direct payments to the PA. However, just this week, the European Union announced that it had decided to increase funding for the PA to 296 million euros. This is blood money that will inevitably end up in the pockets of terrorists and their families,” Zina Rakhamilova emphasizes and notes that a society that financially encourages and glorifies terrorism is not interested in peace or conflict resolution.

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