Familiar bespectacled: problems of owners points in one photo

Знайомо очкарикам: проблеми власників окулярів в одному фото

Vital for everyone who wears glasses

Glasses today hardly anyone can surprise, because they are not only people with vision problem, but just for the style. But they all have common problems which are very rarely talked about.

Platform Reddit user with the nickname kattiper shared a collage of very painful shots for everyone who walks in the glasses. In a short time the record has collected more than 37 thousand views and over a thousand comments.

“Everyone’s talking about how I’m difficult to sleep with headphones. You forgot about the suffering of people who wear glasses”, – said the author. Indeed, on the collage you can see all the inconvenient and unpleasant nuances faced by people with not very good eyesight.

Everyone is talking about how disturbing sleeping with headphones is. You forgot the suffering of people who wear glasses from r/funny

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