Falling prices for flights to Asia is not worth waiting for

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 Don't expect price drops for flights to Asia

Opening Saudi airspace to Israeli carriers on all flights to and from Israel is a game changer, but expectations that flights to Thailand and other Asian countries will become cheaper in two weeks may not justified.

First, in order for Israeli flights to shorten their routes to South and East Asia, Oman must also agree to open its airspace. accepted.

Second, jet fuel prices continue to rise. While flights to Thailand and India will be reduced by two hours, there is no guarantee that ticket prices will drop.

However, the good news is that flights will be significantly shorter. Five hours 15 minutes from Tel Aviv to Mumbai instead of eight hours on the old route, only eight hours to Thailand and 15 hours to Melbourne – travel experience will have a significant impact.

El Al may also restore the option of direct flights to Tokyo that were canceled due to the Covid pandemic. this route and release the wide-body Dreamliner 787 for the Tokyo route.

Thus, operational flexibility and fuel economy, which is a major component of airfare, can allow airlines to manage the situation to their advantage. Ticket prices mainly reflect competition, so as long as El Al is the only Israeli carrier flying to Thailand at the moment, it will have no reason to cut prices significantly.

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