Fake on social media: Zelensky's grotesque graffiti appear all over Europe

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 Fake on social networks: Zelensky's grotesque graffiti appear all over Europe

In recent weeks, a series of grotesque street arts in Paris, London and Warsaw depicting President Zelensky of Ukraine, depicting him eating Europe or money, have been circulating on social media. These images have also been circulated in pro-Kremlin news outlets.

One of the posts claims that the graffiti of Zelensky swallowing money is located in the suburbs of Paris, opposite the Saint-Mandé metro station. The Cube did a reverse image search but found nothing conclusive. The analysis showed a noticeable difference in color and intensity between the graffiti and the background, strongly suggesting that the image was tampered with.

The Cube also investigated any references to graffiti, but there were no articles or other posts on social media showing the graffiti from a different angle. AFP journalists reported that they called hotels and shops near this metro station, but no one had ever seen such graffiti. All this suggests that the photo was faked.

There have been reports of a similar image of the Ukrainian president painted in Warsaw. However, the Polish news agency Konkret24 checked the images and also concluded that no traces of graffiti were found.

London. But according to an investigation by LeadStories, the building listed in the social media post is not in London, but in Zurich and belongs to the Lindt chocolate factory. According to the director of Lindt, the graffiti depicting Zelensky in front of the building has never appeared.

it's a black hole sucking out Europe's money. According to experts, the purpose of these fake photos – make Europeans wonder how much their governments should support Ukraine.

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