Fake news: “The ugliest building in the world is in Bat Yam”

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 Fake news: "The ugliest building in the world is in Bath Yama"

In the past 48 hours, some media have reported with delight that a residential building at st. Haatzmaut, 67 in Bat Yam was recognized as the ugliest building in the world. As the 12th channel of Israeli TV found out, the problem is that in fact he did not win this ill-fated title. This is fake news.

The story began when photos were uploaded to the social network reddit in the “ugliest buildings” category, and surfers ranked the ugliest buildings in the world. The building in Bat Yami received the votes of thousands of surfers (2.2 thousand), but today it only ranks 194th (!) – not even in the hundred of the ugliest houses in the world. The building in Manila ranked first with -26,000 votes.

How did it all start? The “Tweeting Statuses” Facebook page, which does not claim to be a journalistic body, simply wrote that “this building has won the title of the ugliest building in the world.” Immediately after them, the news was published in walla. The portal wrote that “thousands of surfers voted the building in Bat Yam the ugliest apartment building in the world”, and Kan 11 published the headline “Safe House: Building in Bat Yam received the title of the ugliest in the world.”
< br />“It's just hype, the way the networks know how to inflate it,” says architect Daniel Greenhouse of Greenhouse Architects, whose father Marian Greenhouse designed the building in the first half of the 1960s. Then they quickly responded to the need to accommodate immigrants from the waves of aliyah of the 1950s and 1960s to the young country. The building was supposed to be magnificent, and it was indeed ahead of its time. It was beautifully designed and included a mix of residential and commercial spaces. The developers went bankrupt in the middle of construction, and he was simply abandoned in this state. This is a Brutalist period building (a movement in modern architecture) that was built along with the Hilton, the Histadrut Building and Beit Hadar Daphne by the country's founding cohort of architects.

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