Fair within the “framework”

Fair in & quot; frames & quot;

The onset of the new year 2022 is noticeable everywhere, even in Israel. And, if earlier the mysterious Novigod was celebrated only by those who are accustomed to the holiday in the country of origin, but now many native Israelis are happy to join the celebration of the “ Russian '' New Year. Firstly, because another holiday never hurts, and secondly, when did the Jews still refuse to sit down and eat deliciously for a good reason?

So, the cherished night from December 31 to January 1 is ahead. Midnight, when the carriage does not turn into a pumpkin, but on the contrary, when the night sky blooms with fireworks, wishes are made, and most importantly – gifts are given.

A good gift & ndash; always a little headache. Or big, if you have no idea what to give. In order to alleviate the fate of home-grown Santa Clauses as much as possible, on the eve of the holiday, everyone who is responsible for the production of joy gathers together in bazaars, fairs and markets. Or someone collects them.

So, the exhibition “ Within and beyond. Art. Wine. Music '' decided to collect under her roof in the Gallery on the Rock; in Netanya, those who are guaranteed to bring joy to people.

Fair within & quot; frames & quot;

Exhibition & quot; Within and outside & quot; not just bears such a name. Within its framework, going beyond the pure art presented by 10 Israeli artists, a lot of events take place. One of them & ndash; New Year's Eve fair. Each of the fair participants is truly unique.

At the & quot; Fair within & quot; new, unique collection of jewelry “ freaks '' will be presented by the jewelry gallery Zhanna Katsman with the brand “ Jewelry art by G. Kabirski ''.

The next participant of the exhibition is & ndash; Lena Kogan with unique 'The Skirt' skirts. Natural fabrics, perfect cut, clean lines and handwriting, thanks to which Lenin's skirts are recognized all over the world.

 Fair in & quot; Frames & quot; /> </p>
<p>Jeweler Tanya Chernov and her brand 'Greenman Jewelry'. Lines borrowed from nature make her graceful jewelry super-tactile, literally merging with the body. </p>
<p> Lydia Khait is known both as an artist and as the author of extraordinary brooches and embroidery paintings. Her brooches-hearts beat right in the heart. </p>
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Delicious gifts from the Yoffi company & ndash; a real visiting card of Israel. They are presented to guests and ordered all over the world, knowing that the best quality Israeli products in perfect packaging simply cannot be found. Their olive oil, spreads with tahini, carob and halva, dates, honey and much more are a real lifesaver.

Of course, we know that a book is the best gift, but a bottle of wine, especially champagne, for the New Year is & ndash; a wise decision. Because there is never too much champagne on New Year's Eve, and the champagne offered by the one-of-a-kind Deli Vino liquor store and bar will want more and more. Just as there is no life without wine and olive oil, coffee is indispensable in Israel. As you know, we drink coffee around the clock with a short sleep break. The newly opened coffee boutique in Tel Aviv 'Coffee TouCan' will bring his best coffee samples from all over the world to the fair.

 Fair within & quot;

And, of course, you can see the exhibition” Within and Beyond ” and buy works of artists.


Come for gifts and a festive atmosphere! It will be delicious and fun!

12.24.21, 10:00 & ndash; 14:00, Gallery on the Rock, Ha-Maapilim 19, Netanya.

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