Failed: Tesla autopilot knocked down a child's dummy three times

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 Failed: Tesla autopilot hit child dummy three times

Tesla's autopilot turned out to be not as perfect as it seemed at first glance. During the test drive, the Tesla car, controlled by autopilot, hit the child's dummy three times in a row.

It is reported that the vehicle overcame the section of the track marked with cones, but at the end of the test it did not stop in front of the child's dummy, knocking it down.

The founder of The Dawn Project stated that the car cannot be used on normal roads until the problem is fixed.

indiscriminately mow down children. Today, The Dawn Project is launching a nationwide TV ad campaign demanding that NHTSA completely ban autopilot from self-driving until Elon Musk can prove autopilot won't mow down kids,” he wrote.

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