Fabio Fulco against Cristina Chiabotto: “She was very immature”

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Fabio Fulco against Cristina Chiabotto: “She was very immature”

Fabio Fulk back to talk about his relationship with Cristina Chiabotto and this time he does it outright. The actor and the former Miss Italy have been linked for twelve years. An important love, born behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars and suddenly ended in 2017. It was Cristina who put an end to the relationship at the time and the actor did not hide his deep pain.

Both have moved on today. Cristina married Marco Roscio and became the mother of a child, while Fulco fulfilled the dream of becoming a father thanks to his partner Veronica Pope. In a long interview issued to Diva and Donna, Fabio talked about his relationship ended with the model

“The moment when I really hit rock bottom? – he recalled – When the project to have my own family failed. It was not the loss of my partner that tortured me but the end of a project in which I had spent 12 years of my life . Finding myself with nothing in my hands. ”Fulco never hid that he wanted to create a family with Cristina Chiabotto, but at the time the model he didn’t seem to want the same future. “I was deluded into having created a family, love, everything I had always believed in – he revealed -. It vanished overnight. Turn the page at 48? Easy to say. The model of my parents inside me, sharing a life together. Problems are solved. Things are fixed “.

Regarding i reasons for farewell to Cristina Chiabotto, Fabio appeared very confident. “She was very immature, even in her way of being in love – he said -. My mistake was to crystallize her in that phase, not understanding that her head had changed. We didn’t stay on good terms and I’m sorry. his ways hurt me. I didn’t deserve it after investing 12 years of my life in this story. “

Shortly after the end of the relationship with Fulco, Cristina began a relationship with Marco Roscio. Later the manager and the former Miss Italy got married and announced the pregnancy. “It was all foreseen, a script already written – commented Fabio -. I knew everything, that after six months she would get married, that after a year she would become a mother, the holidays in Formentera …”.

Today the actor has found again happiness with Veronica Papa, a 26-year-old model with whom she had her first daughter. “Veronica, unlike the other, knows what she wants from life – he clarified -. She started this story with me. Good at wanting this love, at respecting my times, my way of being, my fears. He reassured me that he didn’t give a damn about my age ”.


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