F-35s carried out airstrikes on an Iranian batch of surface-to-surface missiles

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Israeli F-35 fighter jets launched a series of airstrikes on an Iranian convoy en route from Iraq to Syria. The Syrian government claims that the convoy was carrying only fuel. However, according to other sources, in addition to fuel, there were containers with weapons.

According to the Russian portal avia.pro, Israeli fifth-generation F-35 fighter-bombers destroyed containers with surface-to-surface missiles. or loitering ammunition “Shahed-131” or “Shahed-136”. The portal writes that, “according to some sources, the weapons transported in the container were very valuable cargo”.

As a result of airstrikes, 18 members of the Iranian group, including their leader, were killed. Seven more Iranian militants were seriously injured. Warplanes “strike at targets on the Syrian-Iraqi border, and there were at least ten airstrikes.” and “Zaynabiyun” near the city of Al-Hari. Then, after regrouping, the planes attacked “two military vehicles and a truck with weapons heading towards the Syrian border.

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