Eyewitness of the terrorist attack in Elad: the policeman was afraid to shoot

 Eyewitness to Elad attack: police officer was afraid to shoot

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KAN has published a video with an eyewitness account of the terrorist attack in Elyaada.

An eyewitness, Mordechai, says: “We were in the synagogue. Gabai shouted: Terrorist, terrorist! We jumped out, saw a terrorist running along the path. Anyone who came across him on the way, he beat with an ax on the head. There were two of them and they yelled Allah Akbar! They ran to the guard. He pulled out a gun and fired, but missed. And he hit him with an axe. And ran further into the forest. People were running, but there were no security forces. There was a policeman there, they shouted at him – shoot, shoot! But he shot – he was afraid”.

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