Eye movement speed helps understand decision-making – study

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 Eye movement speed helps understand decision making – research

Doctoral student Colin Korbish and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore published their findings in November in the journal Current Biology.

“Unlike arms or legs, the speed of human eye movements is almost entirely involuntary. It's a much more direct measurement of the unconscious processes going on in the brain, – says Korbisch, lead author of the study.

In the study, the team asked 22 people to walk on a treadmill and then select settings on a – either a short walk up a steep slope or a longer walk on level ground.

It was noticed that the subjects' eyes betrayed them: even before they made their choice, the runners moved their eyes faster, looking through the options they ended up choosing. The more actively the eyes of the test-takers moved, the more confident they were in their choice.

“We found an accessible measurement that in just a few seconds will show you not only what you prefer, but also how much you like it. prefer”, — CU Associate Professor Alaa Ahmed, one of the authors of the study, said.

Ahmed believes that our eyes can provide insight into some of our thought processes. The assistant professor is particularly interested in the type of movement known as the “saccade”; – the main way our eyes move. “When the eyes jump rapidly from one fixation point to another in a few tens of milliseconds, which is faster than a normal blink”.

into the brain. Having this more easily measurable variable opens up a lot of possibilities”,– Korbisch added.

Eye movements can be impaired in people due to Parkinson's disease, a progressive, incurable neurological disease in which people experience tremors, difficulty moving, and other problems.

&ldquo “Slow motion is not only a symptom of Parkinson's disease, but also manifests itself in many mental disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia”, – Ahmed says. “Physicians can use this as a tool to diagnose certain diseases”.

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