Extremists kill at least 36 people in Congo

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 Congo extremists kill at least 36 people

At least 36 people have been killed by extremists in the conflict-torn eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the military said on Thursday. The Alliance of Democratic Forces, an ISIS-linked rebel militias, have killed civilians in the village of Mukondi in North Kivu province, said Congo army spokesman in Beni city, Capt. Anthony Mwalushayi, Voice of America reported.
< br /> According to him, several more people were injured in the attack on Wednesday evening, and an investigation was launched to find the missing.

The conflict in eastern Congo has smoldered for decades as more than 120 armed groups vie for power, influence and resources, and some — for the protection of their communities. The ADF operated primarily in the province of North Kivu, but recently expanded its operations to the neighboring province of Ituri and areas located near the regional capital of Goma.

ADF rebels are accused by the UN and human rights groups of mutilation, rape and kidnapping of civilians, including children. Earlier this month, the United States offered a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to the capture of Seki leader Musa Baluku.

Attack started around 19:00 local time on Wednesday, when people with guns and machetes broke into the village and started killing people indiscriminately.

“The rebels came and burned the houses first. Then everyone who left the houses was either chopped with a machete or shot, ", — Saddam Patangoli, a resident of the village of Mukondi, who fled the attack and returned to his house the next day, told Saddam Patangoli. According to him, they also abducted many civilians.

Some people blame the incident on the absence of the Congolese army in the area.

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