Extra info from the suburbs Sagittarius Igor Zenkov was shot 4 people

Deadly shots frightened people began to hide in basements.

Екстрена інформація з Підмосков&#039я стрілець Ігор Зенков розстріляв вже 4 людей

Of the security forces attempted to enter into negotiations with a man to anything until lead. The offender continues to move around the house and shoot. About the identity of the shooter became known, is a 49-year-old local resident Igor Zenkov.

The attacker also managed to throw in militiamen who arrived for the storming of the house, 2 grenades, according to “Rus.Media”.

Russian media the scene reported that frightened residents of a nearby house hiding in cellars, periodically near the house Zenkova shootings.

The witnesses are divided, that at this step the man could go due to conflicts with neighbors. The fact that one of them built a large house obscured the sun at the site of the shooter.

Like it or not, finds out a consequence.

It is also assumed that the house Zenkova could be hostages, nothing is known about the fate of the elderly mother of the shooter, with whom he lived together in that house where at the moment is shooting.

According to recent reports, the victims of the shooting began 4 people have been injured.

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