“Extent of loss”: the militants opened fire on military APU

"Несоизмеримые потери": боевики открыли огонь по военным ВСУ

According to intelligence reports, the militants brutally fired on positions of the APU, in consequence of which, last night at the Donbass there is a loss

Information about the situation at the front is provided by the press headquarters of the NFB in Facebook.

So according to the Ukrainian intelligence officers over the past day, February 16, the Russian occupation troops six times shelled positions of the Ukrainian troops:

“During this time – once from Minsk banned weapons. As a result of shelling, one soldier of the United forces was killed, another defender of Ukraine were injured”.

"Несоизмеримые потери": боевики открыли огонь по военным ВСУ

Ukrainian military also reported casualties among the terrorists:

“The militants shot near the Town of Pavlopol, Hnutove and Crimean rocket-propelled grenades of various systems, easel anti-tank grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, 82-mm mortars, and small arms. In addition, the Russian hybrid army used weapons, infantry fighting vehicles. APU suppressed enemy fire on-duty firepower. According to intelligence reports, five invaders killed and four wounded”.

It is also known that since the beginning of the current day, February 17, invaders twice fired on the positions of OOS:

“Water from hand-held antitank grenade launchers and small arms, Ekaterinovka from 82-mm mortars and heavy machine guns. One Ukrainian soldier was wounded”, — stated in the message.

We will remind, it became known that the Russian Federation shot down a passenger plane in the sky over the Donbass in 2014, the year intentionally.

From the statement of the lawyer of the families of the victims of MH-17, Jerry Skinner, it appears that the Russian goal was to shoot down civilian aircraft with a further accusation of Ukraine and create a pretext for the official entry of Russian troops on the entire territory of Ukraine.

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Ukrainian volunteer, officer APU Miroslav guy commented on a news network:

“Now class action lawsuit against Russia were joined by almost 300 relatives of the victims around the world. The amount of recovery is now called $ 3 billion. It may change either the one or the other. If the Kremlin would agree to a deal, as at the time the regime of Gaddafi, the payout amount will be reduced, but the fault will be recognized by Russia itself”.

"Несоизмеримые потери": боевики открыли огонь по военным ВСУ

Miroslav guy writes, if Russia continues to ignore the court’s decision and the plaintiffs, the amount will be increased or remain the same:

“The money will be collected by the method of arrests of property of the Russian Federation abroad. We come to the fact that will witness the beginning of the fall of the regime, as it was in Libya.”

Recall, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia should be punished for aggressive behavior on the world stage and failure to comply with international law.

“We need to make sure that the non-observance by Russia of international law and a violation of the rules-based order, which for decades was the basis for peace and security for all NATO allies, will have a price and consequences,” — said Stoltenberg.

We will remind, Ukrainians showed footage of the destruction of the militants.

As reported Politeka, the situation in the Donbas escalates, are columns of military equipment.

Also Politeka told that my best friend Yanukovych is torn in Ukraine.

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