Extended arrest of brothers of terrorist who attacked in Ramot

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 Arrest of brothers of terrorist who attacked Ramot extended

Maghav and IDF forces worked during the night of February 12 in the A-Tor area of ​​East Jerusalem to seal off the house of the terrorist who carried out the Friday afternoon bloody attack in the Ramot area .

During the operation, dozens of Arabs threw stones and fireworks at them. The police said that within hours of the attack, relatives and family members of the terrorist were arrested, their involvement and knowledge of the attack and the terrorist's intentions were being investigated.

Last night, the High Court extended the detention of the terrorist's two brothers, were detained for interrogation in the central office of the Jerusalem district, the investigation into the attack continues. The home of the terrorist's parents, where he lived in the past and where his two arrested brothers now live, was confiscated by the police after he was evacuated and his belongings were taken away.

On the evening of February 11, as already mentioned, after obtaining the necessary permits and in accordance with the decree on sealing and confiscation of the house, the sealing of the house was carried out.

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