EXRUS Festival: Russian refugees rock Tel Aviv

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 EXRUS Festival: Russian refugees rock Tel Aviv

A unique one-day concert will take place in Tel Aviv on Thursday featuring hard rock bands from Russia who fled the country because of their opposition to the war against Ukraine.

Rockers Holy Spring, Flowers for Burning, Sasha Ogorodnikov, Dogsaw and Sonic Death will perform at The Zone in Tel Aviv at an evening called EXRUS Festival.
The most famous among them Sonic Death celebrated its 10th anniversary last year . The powerful rock trio hails from St. Petersburg and is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Organizer Alex Fedek said he was specifically looking for artists opposed to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

“I want to support Russians who think differently and who have to choose between their home and the free world”, – Fedek said. ”I invited featured artists to draw attention to bands that exist outside of the mainstream. After all, otherwise they may not have other opportunities to speak to a wider audience”.

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