Express repatriation to Israel: criteria are changing not in favor of the repatriate

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 Express repatriation to Israel: criteria change not in favor of repatriate

Over the past week, changes have been made to the repatriation process again, which no longer simplify or speed up the process of acquiring a new status, but only mislead and deadlock. In what cases should you now turn to a lawyer?

The best thing to do is to turn to a lawyer with practice specifically in repatriation cases. And do it even before the whole process. This will save you a lot of frustration and financial expense in the future.

An example from our practice: a woman – a widow of a Jew arrived from the Russian Federation, all documents were ideally prepared before arriving in the country. In addition to citizenship in the Russian Federation, the woman also had a residence permit in Turkey. Madame Consul asked for a certificate of marital status from Turkey and this is legitimate. Provided. But the received certificate did not suit, supposedly it should be in a different format.

Before allowing the client to leave the country of origin, the documents were rechecked and clarified several times. We stated that there was no other certificate available
and this of course was followed by a temporary refusal until the required document was completed.

We immediately began to deal with appealing to a higher authority, but we didn’t have to! The consul called the very next morning, reporting her mistake.

This is a very rare occurrence, and the consul turned out to be a conscientious person! It's no secret that consular departments and lawyers are on different sides
barricades, but all our clients have the same task – to obtain Israeli citizenship.

Another example. Inga, a wealthy business woman, the granddaughter of a Jew, has been collecting bit by bit evidence of her right to repatriation for several years. All documents were perfectly prepared. She comes in for a consular check and 15 minutes later she flies out crying, with a refusal in her hands. What went wrong?

According to the consul, 90% of the documents were collected and he demanded to add: a document with a photo of her mother, which indicates her maiden name and
a document with a photo of Inga, which indicates her maiden name.
Inga is shocked, she is sure that nothing can be done and such documents cannot be found. And then legal creative work began.
The resourcefulness of our office worker played a decisive role. Inga started calling her family and school friends. You won't believe it, but miraculously I found my mother's Komsomol card and
graduation photo of the girl herself, where her maiden name was written under her photo.

The consul only had to look at the supplemented documents to understand that the girl had every reason to confirm the right to

And here is another story:

Mila, a talented doctor, candidate of medical sciences, the granddaughter of a Jew, was involved in a fabricated criminal case a few years ago. Based on this, the consul in Moscow denied her the right to repatriate, despite the fact that the criminal record had already been expunged at the time of the consular check.
Arriving in Israel, Mila did not hope for success and was mentally prepared for long litigation to prove her right to repatriate. 5 minutes after she entered the consular check in Israel, an indignant cry of the consul came from the office, complaining about the incompetence of her Moscow colleague: "What nonsense!!! Well, what danger can you pose for Israel in connection with this case!?"
A couple of hours later, Mila received a teudat zehut.

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