Explosions thundered in Zaporozhye at night: Russians fired S-300 missiles

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 Explosions rocked Zaporozhye at night: Russians fired S-300 missiles< /p>

In Zaporozhye on Thursday night, January 12, explosions were heard. Before that, an air raid alert was issued. As a result of enemy shelling, infrastructure facilities were damaged, a fire broke out. Residential buildings were also damaged. Anatoliy Kurtev, secretary of the Zaporizhia City Council, and local publics report this.

Reports about the danger of an air attack came at about 3 am. Soon after, local residents heard a loud explosion, and then another one.

Allegedly, the Russian invaders carried out repeated launches of S-300 missiles from the temporarily occupied territory of the Tokmak region.

” ;Very loud. Friends, stay safe! We hope everyone is safe. The shelling was carried out from Tokmak. The alarm is still ongoing,” one of the local Telegram channels says.

According to Kurtev, as a result of an enemy night attack, infrastructure facilities were damaged and residential buildings were damaged. A fire broke out at the site of the shelling.

“The cursed enemy again cynically attacked our night city. Infrastructure facilities were damaged. There was a fire on the spot. Also, as a result of the shelling, peaceful houses were again damaged. According to preliminary information, no one was hurt,” he wrote online.

Relevant services are already working, eliminating the consequences.

Kurtev also published phone numbers for appeals from residents of Zaporozhye, whose houses were damaged:

15-80 (from landlines),
(061) 787 15 80,
(050) 414 15 80,
(067) 656 15 80.

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