Explosions rattle after the terrorist attack in New Zealand: at the station, the nightmare began

Взрывы гремят после теракта в Новой Зеландии: на вокзале начался кошмар

The explosions occurred near the station and shopping centre in Auckland new Zealand

The sound of an explosion was heard on Friday, March 15, in the area of the Britomart Auckland new Zealand, where the station and shopping centre. This was reported by local media.

Will observed that it was a controlled explosion. Earlier in Britomart, they found two unattended backpack. Police partially cordoned off the area.

In the video posted on the Internet, you can see the robot-the sapper, traveling on the road. In new Zealand social media published reports of the sounds of two explosions in Britomart.

In the center was a panic among local residents, but people were able to quickly reassure.

Взрывы гремят после теракта в Новой Зеландии: на вокзале начался кошмар

Earlier it was reported about the attack on the mosque in Christchurch and around New Zealand. The victims of the attack were 40 people. According to the latest data, 30 people were killed in the mosque on Dean Avenue, and another 10 victims of attack on mosque in Lynnwood.

On suspicion of involvement in the attack arrested four suspects — three men and one woman. Media reported that one of the executors of the attack is 28-year-old Australian citizen Brenton Tarran, he’s still on the loose.

The terrorist had a camera and broadcast the execution on the Internet.

Before Tarrant has published online a 37-page right-wing “Manifesto”, where he explained why he decided to commit a crime. The text also contains a call to murder German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A key event after which Brenton decided to attack, he calls the terrorist attack in Stockholm in 2017, which killed five locals.

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Separately, he selects 11-year-old victim, Ebba, Ackerlund. He says, that we will avenge her.

Police defused several improvised explosive devices, which were found in a parked car near the mosques.

Взрывы гремят после теракта в Новой Зеландии: на вокзале начался кошмар

Recall that the executions of families near Odessa stirred up Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, Zhytomyr killer revealed grisly details of the crime: “she’s with me Now forever.”

Also Politeka wrote about the terrible details of the death of the political scientist Malashenko.

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