Exploded 36 years ago: the wreckage of the shuttle Challenger was found at the bottom of the ocean

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 Exploded 36 years ago: the wreckage of the Challenger shuttle was found on the ocean floor

In the United States, off the coast of Florida, divers discovered part of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which exploded over the Atlantic Ocean 36 years ago.

All seven crew members died during the crash, according to the New York Times.

Marine biologist Mike Barnett and his diving partner Jimmy Gadomsky were searching for a World War II aircraft when they came across the remains of a shuttle.

“The tragedy is that I watched this as a child – it's a mixture of emotions to literally, literally touch the story. We didn't expect this because we assumed that all these fragments were found by NASA for their investigation,” – said Barnett in an interview.

NASA confirmed the discovery of divers, stating that then officials reviewed the footage and determined that the artifact was from the Challenger.

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