Experts told how to correctly measure your weight when lose weight

Эксперты рассказали, как правильно измерить свой вес, когда худеешь

Experts tell how to control weight while dieting and exercising — it will help to avoid unnecessary stress on the body and preserve health

15% of Ukrainians suffer from obesity, and on this indicator we are on the 14th place in the world. Such data is called in the world health organization. The three leaders – the Turks, Maltese and British. But in Monaco do not know what extra pounds.

Those who decided to lose weight, nutritionists suggest first of all properly weighted. After all, strict weight control will help to see progress. However, to weigh yourself too often is also not good. If we stand on the scales every day, we can develop psychological dependence.

Эксперты рассказали, как правильно измерить свой вес, когда худеешь

How to weigh, explains nutritionist Evgeny Krylov. She uses a professional device for a few hundred dollars. It not only determines the weight but also fat percentage, water and muscle mass in the body, as well as biological age.

“Weighted best in the morning, on an empty stomach, and preferably naked. Knowledge of its weight at the beginning of the day losing weight is very important. Otherwise, you will Deplete the body diet and the exact result won’t fix,” advises the nutritionist.

But whether the correct indicator of cheap scales? Fitness coach Vadim Akamin warns: uncertainty is possible. Therefore, it is important to put the scale on a flat surface, i.e. tile or wood. Because carpet or rubber coating can distort readings.

But if the scales cause stress, they are better to give, and instead to use measuring tape.

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Эксперты рассказали, как правильно измерить свой вес, когда худеешь

“At the centimeter tape is very clear as far as volumes are reduced. Because during weight loss the body volume may decrease even faster than the weight,” says nutritionist Evgeny Krylov.

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The first step towards getting rid of extra inches to balance your diet and give up bad foods. Make sure your refrigerator is always enough fruit, vegetables and berries.

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