Experts suggested how to pick the early strawberries without nitrates

Специалисты подсказали, как выбрать раннюю клубнику без нитратов

Experts explain how to buy the berries.

The shelves are littered with the first strawberries. The berries look very attractive: juicy, flavorful, bright red, but is it safe? “Today” has tested the product on one of the Chernivtsi markets, reports the with reference to

In Chernivtsi strawberries brought from Transcarpathia and Ternopil regions. The local markets sell it for 50-70 USD per kilogram. The sellers assure that the berry is juicy and safe.

But is this really so? “Today,” along with the head of Gospodarevskaya city went on the market. Without agreements and warnings. The shelves are full of young vegetables. Strawberry – full. To find out whether it is safe, test lab conclusions from sellers.

In the document it is necessary to pay attention to the date and the list of the tested products. For berries, the implementation time is 2 days. Each new batch to re-check. The nitrate content in berries – in normal limits.

The laboratory findings show the sellers without any problems. They say that buyers are aware of, so the document is not hidden.

Normal nitrate levels is confirmed by the laboratory.

“The norm of nitrates for strawberries is 60 milligrams per kilogram. And now we have shows to 30. Strawberries we all benign,” say the experts.

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If it happens a dangerous party, it is removed, crushed, or pour coffee. Do it to unscrupulous sellers did not return the berries to the counter.

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