Experts: soon the number of COVID cases will fall to 10,000

 Experts: COVID cases will drop to 10,000 soon

According to experts from the Hebrew University, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus will fall to 10,000 within about two weeks. Haruts Sheva reports this with reference to Kan 11.

Experts also believe that the peak of the wave is over.

In addition, Israeli TV channel 12 published data from the Ministry of Health, which indicate a decrease in all statistical indicators: the number of new daily cases, the number of infected children, as well as re-morbidity among recovered patients. Influenza cases are also decreasing in Israel.

It is noted that the actual number of cases of the disease is at least two or even three times higher than the number registered.

Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz welcomed the encouraging data but warned: “Another two difficult weeks are ahead for the hospital system and hospitals. It's not over yet.”

Horowitz said he was pleased with how Israel handled this wave, especially since the state was not forced to impose too many restrictions on the population.

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