Experts opened the grave of St. Nicholas

Archaeologists have studied the remains found earlier in Turkey.

Фахівці розкрили могилу Миколи Чудотворця

Radiocarbon analysis of a bone fragment, conducted by researchers from Oxford University showed that was found near the Turkish city of the World a fragment of a human skeleton dates back to around the year 343 n,e which corresponds to the time of death Nicholas. reports Rus.Media.

Earlier, Turkish archeologists found the burial place of St. Nicholas who is the prototype of Santa Claus.

Фахівці розкрили могилу Миколи Чудотворця

Scientists using ground-penetrating radar found a well-preserved ancient temple under the Church of St. Nicholas in the Turkish city of Demre, as well as the emptiness that is the body of the Saint. Researchers have for some time had access to the remains, since during the excavations could be damaged stone reliefs, and mosaics.

Фахівці розкрили могилу Миколи Чудотворця

Many researchers believe that St. Nicholas was buried in the Church at Demre in 343 ad, and in the eleventh century his remains were illegally transported by merchants in the Italian city of Bari. However, the Turkish archaeologists believe that the body was tampered with. According to them, the real Saint Nicholas in Demre left, and the stolen bones belonged to an unknown priest.

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