Experts have found out what vitamins actually strengthen the immune system

Эксперты выяснили, какие витамины на самом деле укрепляют иммунитет

The study, which was conducted by an international group of scientists, it was revealed that vitamin C is not as useful as previously thought.

It was established as a result of experiments conducted over 11 thousand people, vitamin C synthesizes collagen, which is an important component of skin, bones and teeth and strengthens the body in General. However, the ascorbic acid strengthens blood vessels, due to the permeability which the person feels weakness, chronic fatigue and aching muscles and bones.

A study was conducted on thousands of people for several years who took either vitamin C or zinc. The results showed that the use of vitamin C reduced the risk of influenza and acute respiratory infections by 30-50%, while zinc increased resistance to disease 50-60 percent of the people. Also the purpose of zinc in the first day after onset of symptoms significantly reduced its impact and duration.


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