Experts have called the ways to treat cystitis in house conditions

Cystitis causes a sharp pain when urinating and affects the General health of women. There are many ways to treat the disease at home.

Before you start the treatment pills, you need to understand that it is necessary to comply with bed rest, keep your feet warm and to drink more fluids.
Eating salty and spicy foods are forbidden, like alcohol in General. At the time of illness will have to abandon an intimate relationship.

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In addition to medical treatment will benefit from the warm dry heat in the lower abdomen. This can be used boiled potatoes. Cooked with peel a potato to put in the bag and attach to the bottom of the abdomen.

Acute cystitis or chronic will be beneficial hydrotherapy. You need to add in a hot bath (with water temperature of 39 degrees) the herb sage, pine, horsetail.

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Often doctors recommend to take in the complex treatment of all kinds of infusions and decoctions of herbs (rosehip, cranberries, woodlice, leaves, plantain).

In order to avoid exacerbation of the disease in the future, it is important to observe all preventive measures as not to SuperCool, treated during all inflammatory diseases, maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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