Experts have called an easy way to beat obesity

Эксперты назвали простой способ победить ожирение

Canadian scientists have found that in the human body most responsible for success in weight loss.

Often losing weight to hear excuses about what their body is suffering from some type of diet. If diet and weight loss program was not matched by the specialist, then in the words losing weight is the truth. But, as found by scientists from McGill University, a decisive factor in the fight against obesity remains the brain.

They are attracted to the study of 24 patients with obesity. He had drawn up a strict programme, patients were placed in the center of the weight loss. For 3 months the brain activity of volunteers was observed by scientists when patients were shown pictures of high calorie food and scenery.

Three months in all patients decreased reaction parts of the brain responsible for desire and willpower, to food photos. However, the lowest levels were those who achieved the best success in losing weight. Data suggest that these patients are serious about the problem and were able to suppress harmful desires. So to beat obesity with the power of thought and will is possible. You only have to wish and undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy, the researchers say.


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