Experts: Hamas gains ground in Gaza with Israel's tacit approval

Experts: Hamas is gaining ground in Gaza with Israel's tacit approval

According to experts, Hamas monthly receives tens of millions of dollars in taxes and customs duties at the Rafah checkpoint, and this money goes not only for political, but also for military needs Hamas. This is happening while international aid is covering the needs of Gaza itself, according to The Times of Israel.

In addition, every month hundreds of trucks loaded with cement, fuel and other goods travel to Gaza, making Hamas only stronger.

According to experts, all this is happening with the tacit consent of Israel.

“The opening of the Rafah checkpoint was a common interest for all parties to provide Hamas with a would allow him to keep calm in Gaza and prevent an explosion, '' says economist and editor of the magazine Mohammed Abu Jayab.

According to Abu Jayyab's estimates, Hamas makes up to $ 27 million a month, in addition to taxes and customs taxes paid on cement and fuel.

“Hamas remained at its position and the Israeli government made many compromises. Hamas was stubborn,” said Omar Shaban, a political analyst from Gaza.

At the same time, Israel denies that it yielded to Hamas demands. It is the government's policy to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Gaza, but bypasses the terrorists.

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