Experts doubt the need for a fourth vaccination

 Experts doubt need for fourth vaccination

Vaccination of the population with the fourth dose of the vaccine is actively continuing in Israel. However, according to Ynet, not all experts think this is a good idea.

Professor Doron Melamed, an immunologist at the Technion, explained that too many doses of the vaccine can cause immune system fatigue. According to him, when a person receives the same antibodies with a vaccine, specific immunity cells are strengthened in the body, but this happens due to the so-called “flexible” cells. cells that provide protection against virus mutations.

This can lead to a situation where the body will have a harder time responding to new strains because the immune system will lose its “flexibility”.

"Repeated vaccinations can end up being harmful. There are vaccines that we get once in a lifetime, and there are vaccines that we need to do every five years. A proper timetable for the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine is needed,” the professor said.

also notes that there is not yet enough information about whether the fourth vaccination will help stop the spread of the disease. According to the epidemiologist, it would be much more effective to focus efforts on vaccinating those citizens who have not yet received a single vaccination:

“We will gain more by vaccinating them than by investing in a fourth vaccination campaign.”< br />

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