Experts called plants that can slow the development of cancer

Эксперты назвали растения, способные замедлить развитие рака

In Singapore conducted the study, the results of which revealed effective anti-cancer plants.

Scientists of the Department of pharmacy, National University of Singapore during a three-year study found five plants that have anticancer properties, reports the with reference to Корреспондент.net.

In the suppression of tumor growth especially effective was three.

The choice of plants for the study was defined by the fact that they are often used as traditional medicines for the treatment of cancer in South-East Asia.

According to the results of scientists, such plants were:

  • bandicota berry (Leea Indica);
  • belali Gajah (Clinacanthus Nutans);
  • you (Clausena lansium);
  • chelovecheski curly (Strobilanthes crispus);
  • vernonia (Vernonia amygdalina);
  • protrek three (Vitex trifolia).
  • The researchers used a fresh, healthy and Mature leaves of plants from which is extracted medicinal extract.

During the study, experts investigated how they affect the cancerous cells of the uterus, cervix, liver, colon, breast, ovarian and leukemia.

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It turned out that the three plants possess pronounced anticancer activity:

  • bandicota berry;
  • vernonia;
  • protrek pieces.
  • They managed to suppress all seven foci of cancerous cells.

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