Expert: vaccinations are still effective despite Omicron

Expert: vaccination is still effective despite Omicron

Vaccines against coronavirus were less effective against the Omicron strain, but still protect the population from severe cases of the disease.

Immunologist Ben Gurion University professor Tomer Hertz believes that this was shown by the latest outbreak.

“It’s clear that the Omicron is very different from all the other options that we have seen before. Unlike other variants, it is very good at escaping neutralizing antibodies in both vaccinated and recovered people '', & ndash; noted the professor.

According to him, this means that although he still has a better chance of infecting unvaccinated people, he can easily infect vaccinated people. The question is whether there is still benefit from vaccination.

& quot; Answer & ndash; definitely yes, since we have a large amount of data not only on the previous options, but also on Omicron, according to which, if a person is vaccinated, his chances of contracting a serious illness are much lower “, & ndash; added the expert.

On Wednesday, experts at the Hebrew University in their report estimated that the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing infection could drop to 10-20%. However, when it comes to severe symptoms, it is still high – 90%.

& quot; We must also take into account that there are people who are vaccinated, but, for various reasons, they do not develop an immune response. After all, some vaccinated people can still get very sick because the protection is not perfect, but this is much less likely '', & ndash; added Hertz.

He believes it is too early to answer the question of whether there is a correlation between the time elapsed since the third vaccination and the risk of contracting a new strain.

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