Expert: “Omicron poses a real threat”


Dr. Paul Burton, chief physician at Moderna, has issued a worrying warning about the new Omicron coronavirus strain. Scientist says he doesn't think the new strain is “ milder '' and less dangerous.

Reported by The Guardian.

“I don't think Omicron is a milder and less dangerous version of the current virus. The idea is that it will supplant Delta. and will become dominant, may arise in the future, but I think that in the coming months these two viruses will coexist, and Omicron, which, I would say, is actually a serious disease, will now infect people against a background of very, very strong pressure Delta, “the scientist said.

Dr. Paul Burton continued:” It will also lead to a situation where people become coinfected … which gives this virus the possibility of further development and mutation, and is of concern. I think Omicron poses a real threat. ” Paul Burton added that data should emerge over the next few days indicating to what extent the Moderna booster vaccine provides protection against the Omicron strain.

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