Exhibitionist shot dead on nude beach

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 Exhibitionist shot dead on nude beach

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A 46-year-old exhibitionist was shot dead on a nude beach in France. The incident took place near Lyon.

It is known that the victim harassed women on the beach, and when they refused, he began to insult them and masturbate.

A 76-year-old beach visitor approached the brawler and asked him to leave the recreation area. but he refused. After that, the man went to the car and returned with a gun. He fired three bullets at the exhibitionist, one of which hit the chest.

The exhibitionist died on the spot.

Police arrived at the scene and cordoned off the beach. The shooter did not resist arrest. It turned out that the 76-year-old nudist possessed weapons legally.

The police opened a case of involuntary manslaughter.

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