Exercise bikes installed in one of the McDonald's restaurants

Exercise bikes were installed in one of the McDonald`s restaurants

In China, in one of the McDonalds fast food restaurants, exercise bikes have been installed.

A video of a woman eating has appeared on the Internet and quickly began to gain popularity burger while pedaling on an exercise bike.

The Daily Mail has calculated that one Big Mac contains 1,080 calories, which means that in order to burn them, restaurant customers will have to “ drive '' from 21 kilometers to 43 kilometers to reduce total calorie intake.

The video from TikTok has already received over 24 million views, and in the comments people began to make fun of what is happening.

& quot; It's like using your phone while it's charging “, & mdash; written by one of the users.

Others were worried about whether it would be harmful to combine food and exercise at the same time.

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