Excavations of the Siloam font begin in Jerusalem's “City of David”

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 Excavations of the Siloam Font begin in Jerusalem's “City of David”' /></p>
<p>City of David Foundation will begin excavating the Siloam Font and open it to the public, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Tuesday.<br />The Pool of Siloam is an archaeological and historical site in the City of David, which was part of the Jerusalem water system during the reign of King Hezekiah and was built about 2,700 years ago.</p>
<p> The pool served as a reservoir for the Gihon Spring, from which water was drawn and stored in underground tunnels. Some archaeologists believe that it was used as a ritual bath –mikvah – for pilgrims to cleanse themselves before visiting the Temple.</p>
<p>In 1880, an inscription in Hebrew was discovered at this site about how water was diverted into the pool from the Gihon spring, and it is currently located in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul. The inscription dates back to the time of King Hezekiah.</p>
<p> Over time, the Siloam font became the object of research and excavations by archaeologists around the world, but the Israel Antiquities Authority has plans for much bigger things. For the first time in history since the appearance of the Siloam pond, it is planned to completely excavate it in its historical form and open it to visitors.</p>
<p> During the excavations, tourists will also be able to see the historical site and observe the progress of its restoration. The Siloam Font will be included in the itinerary that starts in the City of David and ends at the foot of the Western Wall.</p>
<p> “The Siloam Font in the City of David National Park” in Jerusalem – site of historical, national and international significance”, – said Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion. “After many years of waiting, we will soon be able to open this important place and make it accessible to the millions of tourists who visit Jerusalem every year”</p>
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