Ex-teacher and erotic model got pregnant by a former student

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 Ex-teacher and erotic model got pregnant by a former student

A former teacher who got into a sex scandal after it was revealed that she posted erotic photos online admitted that she was pregnant by a former student.< br />
Amy Kupps hit the headlines when her husband filed a complaint with the school accusing her of posting erotic content on OnlyFans. The woman was fired.

Time has passed, but the scandals around the former teacher do not subside. It has now been revealed that Kupps is pregnant by a former student, La Cuarta reports.

The former teacher said that it all started six months ago when she was sitting at a bar and noticed that one of the men present was flirting with her. After they met, they had sex at his house. In the morning he asked: “Do you remember me, Mrs. Kupps?”.

This confused the woman, because she is 33 years old, and her partner was 11 years younger. The moment Amy Kupps realized that the young man was her former student, she immediately left home and wanted to cut off all contact with him, but it turned out that she was pregnant.

“I'm a devout I am Catholic, so abortion is not an option for me, although I support the right of other women to do whatever they want with their bodies,” she said.

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