Ex-producer Vladimir Tkachenko: It’s time to open your eyes to this swindler and the deceiver

Экс-продюсер Владимира Ткаченко: Настало время открыть глаза на этого афериста и обманщика

Ex-producer Vladimir Tkachenko: It’s time to open your eyes to this swindler and the deceiver [updated]
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Angelica Burkina told a story about debt.

Ex-producer of a participant of the first season of the “X-Factor” Vladimir Tkachenko, who served on the national selection under a new name, David Axelrod, said that he changed his stage name supposedly because of the debt, not after his grandfather. Angelica Burkina remembered Tkachenko has gone to the producer Allen Brain, where eventually married.

– Tomorrow, the second semi-final of national selection for song contest “Eurovision” from Ukraine. The other day I learned that this selection involved the artist, who some time ago we worked – Vladimir Tkachenko (aka David Axelrod or whatever is correct). Do you think that Tkachenko was replaced by a pseudonym in honor of the beloved and the missing grandfather? Bullshit! The reason is more prosaic. I spent many years silent, but now it’s time to open your eyes to this swindler and the deceiver, intrigued by the project Manager at Starlife group LLC.

According to Burkina in the development of the artist invested a lot of money and got into debt.

– Many in the show-meringue know that we collaborated with Vladimir/David for the n-th number of years and during his participation in the show “X-factor” and “dancing with the stars” on STB (by the way, initiated by his participation in the talent show I was, but now not about it). You know, to work with an artist it is expensive: record songs in the Studio, including selection for Eurovision, copyright registration, recording video of the song “You choose”, performance costumes, buy Taylor guitars, all of this Vladimir then took money in debt that he had to go back after the TV show X-factor. We are talking about 10 thousand. E. – this is what we had documented, in fact, spent on it was much more! By the standards of show business, it may seem like a small thing, but nevertheless it is money and they need to return! But after the next talent show when you already acquired a certain level of media, the boy sharply “star hit”. And immediately on the horizon drew producer A. Brain. And put it in the head of the artist is a great idea that he (the Artist) have “the great star, which even the super-duper producer is already there” and no money to repay anyone he should not. While newly minted Duo has the nerve to “twist” we created a song and video where possible, and to trample on the sacred copyright as anyone, yet I is not blocked by lawsuits. And after all, was the possibility of a person to work at concerts and to repay the debt, but that if a person is normal and decent. And this, I may say “Artist” stupidly changed my number and blocked me on social networks. Forgot how to cut, well, okay, said Burkina.

According to Borkenau for Tkachenko it was bad when I was required to repay the debt. Meanwhile, the creditors filed a court decision on debt collection.

– That was then, and came up with “great” artist is a great idea to change the name, all trivially easy to debts are not repaid. Experience the beauty of the game. Not just a pseudonym changed, and all grown-up. Name in the passport. As with a clean slate. And voila, now – David Axelrod (took the money Tkachenko, and now the name has changed – a different person)! Applause to the artist! said Burkina.

Burkina remembered Tkachenko disappeared from radar Ukrainian show-business after the two television projects, and gloated: “fellow artists with whom he started a long time ago Shine in the first echelon of the Ukrainian show-business”.

Burkina concluded that Tkachenko may not represent Ukraine at Eurovision, and called for support for the project, Jerry Heil, Elina Ivashchenko or KHAYAT.

– It’s time to make way for young performers, and not to regret texting embarrassed “downed pilots”, – wrote ex-producer Tkachenko.

Vladimir Tkachenko, the statement of the ex-producer has not yet commented on.

The scandal involving Burkina, Tkachenko and Brain erupted in April 2012. Then Burkina sued for Tkachenko and Brain. The claim about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, refutation of false information and compensation of moral damage was in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev. According to the documents, it was about the clip Tkachenko “You choose”.


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