Ex-member of the group Serebro caught in a sex scandal: “30 thousand dollars per night”

Экс-участница группы Serebro попала в интим-скандал: "30 тысяч долларов за ночь"

The star of the group Serebro willing to sell their body just to earn a large sum of money

A large number of candid shots and a luxurious lifestyle — expensive cars, restaurants, luxury hotels — find out the social networks of earning a living as an escort, it is very easy, writes Know.

For most of them Instagram is an excellent platform for advertising. Famous Actresses, singers and models to find the potential client much easier — they have no need for additional PR, and wealthy fans lining up and are willing to shell out huge money love with a celebrity.

Экс-участница группы Serebro попала в интим-скандал: "30 тысяч долларов за ночь"

Journalists conducted an investigation, which found out the names of celebrities who are not against the relationship for the money. For example, over 30 thousand dollars to buy a date with Olga Seryabkina. Lena Temnikova says about the producer of the band SEREBRO:

“Fadeev started to make us some sexy “terrorists” because it is best to sell erotica and scandals”.

Pictures of famous trio are not without short skirts, candid outfits and photo shoots, although the same can also boast a page of Olga in the social network. She unabashedly publishes photos in translucent outfits, which do not hide the juicy parts of the body of a celebrity. Her fans react ambiguously – many are convinced that her figure is not quite attractive.

Экс-участница группы Serebro попала в интим-скандал: "30 тысяч долларов за ночь"

Also earlier it was reported that a member of the group Serebro Olga Seryabkina, who left the team in late 2018, has pleased fans with a new candid photos.

The girl who will now perform solo under the name MOLLY, shocked their images. She has published on his page in social network Instagram a few seductive shots.

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On the page the stars appeared not only remarkable shots from the video but the text accompanying them.

So, today, the star showed off a new spicy stills from his new video, where the girl posing in skimpy translucent bikini top.

The artist appeared in a rather seductive view on the ocean. Thus singer wanted to remind you about the warm weather and early arrival of spring.

Also we will remind that the former participant of group “Silver” harshly criticized the media for false information about her health.

Yet it was reported that in Italy on the Lido island launched commemorative 75th Venice film festival.

Also Politeka wrote that ex-member of pop group “Serebro” has told about the team work than ruffling producer Maxim Fadeev.

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