Ex-leading “eagle and Tails” its noticeably thinner figure

Экс-ведущая "Орла и Решки" свою заметно похудевшую фигуру

Some fans admitted that concerned about the excessive thinness of the leading

Known Russian TV presenter, the former star of the “eagle and Tails” and blogger Anastasia Ivlieva recently entertained fans by posting a variety of funny videos with his participation, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC-Ukraine

However, with the advent of summer, she decided to show that they are ready for the beach season and shared on his page on Instagram hot in the swimsuit.

Photo Nastya in black bikini posing in some unusual location — on the stairwell entrance. At the same time leading another, and barefoot.

She mysteriously bent his head, and shows in all its glory her noticeably thinner figure.

Экс-ведущая "Орла и Решки" свою заметно похудевшую фигуру

Photo: Nastya Ivleva (instagram.com/_agentgirl_)

Subscribers celebrities could not pass up such publications and left a lot of comments. Some fell asleep Ivlievu compliments, but others expressed some concern that she is too thin.

Regina todorenko showed behind the scenes footage from the shooting in swimsuits

  • “Lost kapeec( but still pretty woman”
  • “NASTEN, something you’ve changed ))) haven’t seen — other ))) beautiful!”
  • “Nastya, you are so skinny”
  • “Every girl should be a photo…”
  • “God, you’re beautiful! Just such a bomb, it’s illegal Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna be such a*hennai! My heart arrested, as they say!”
  • “But… What do you thin now, straight plank. Where are your delicious and incredibly beautiful form!?))))”
  • “My God, my heart stopped”
  • “Nastya, you che is so thin, like me=)”
  • “You’re on fire”
  • “That’s you to lose weight by the summer”

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