Ex-Air Force pilot: Iran cannot produce thousands of drones for Russia

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 Ex-Air Force pilot: Iran can't produce thousands of drones for Russia

Iran is unable to produce thousands of kamikaze drones for Russia to use UAVs against Ukraine. This statement was made by ex-Iranian Air Force pilot Babak Tagvae, who lives in London, in an interview with Welt. The Kremlin expects more than 2,500 drones to be delivered. The Ukrainian government estimates that the Russian army has between 2,200 and 2,400 Iranian drones at its disposal, hundreds of which have already been shot down. Iranian opposition group “People's Mujahideen” and does claim about 3500 UAVs. "These figures are exaggerated. Serial numbers of downed “Shahed-131″ and "Shahed-136" suggest that about 100 drones of each type were delivered. This is a complex production that takes time. At best, these are 20 drones that Iran can manufacture per month and then deliver to Russia”, — thinks Tagvai.

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