Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead no longer hide the affair

Ewan McGregor has broken up with his wife Eve Mavrakis, with whom he lived in marriage 22 years for Mary Elizabeth Winstead. With a young actress he “bonded” on the set of the TV series “Fargo” (Fargo), and now the pair stopped to hide the affair.


On Saturday Evan and Elizabeth caught on the walk in Hollywood. Not paying attention to their pursuit of the paparazzi, the couple enjoyed the good weather and each other’s company. And flash cameras don’t bother.

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McGregor broke up with Mavrakis in may of this year. Insiders claim that he could not hide from his wife his fascination with a young colleague.


Recall, Evan and Eve in this year celebrated bronze wedding. A couple who is raising 4 daughters, considered one of the strongest in show business.


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