Ewa Krawczyk will go crazy! The first wife attacks again!

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Ewa Krawczyk will go crazy! The first wife attacks again!

Six months have passed since the death of Krzysztof Krawczyk, and the name of this legendary artist still appears in the media.

It is thanks to the members of his family, who have been arguing about the inheritance almost from the day of the funeral, involving the media.

The case concerns changes introduced in the will, the final version of which deprives Krawczek’s son of the inheritance rights, and everything is to be transferred to Ewa Krawczyk.

The case went to court, from which more sensational details related to it are constantly leaking out.

At one point, even the first wife of Krawczyk took the floor, outraged by the widow’s behavior.

“It is impossible for Krzysztof to omit his child in his will. Everyone who knew him will confirm that, not only me. I will say something that is terrible, but I have to: when Halina found out about the accident in which her son suffered so badly, She said to him: it was your fault, now you are to take care of this child. Krzysiek realized then that he was left alone with it, he had terrible remorse and was working with the future of this child in mind, because his mother stayed in the USA “- she said Mrs. Grażyna.

This time she gave an interview to “Fakt”, in which she confessed that due to her situation, she had not yet been able to visit her ex-husband at the cemetery. The woman is already elderly, and lives in Warsaw on a daily basis, and the cemetery is located in Grotniki near Łódź.

In addition, he has to look after his pet, so such a long trip for an elderly person with a dog by his side would be a challenge. However, Grażyna does not lose hope that she will still have time to pray over Krzysztof’s grave.

“I was not at the grave of Krzysztof Krawczyk, because I cannot, I am trapped by a doggie, and this is a trip. I have a family in Łódź, if I were there, my brother will give me a lift, and here I am alone in Warsaw” – laments the woman in the tabloid .

Before leaving for Łódź, she is probably also restrained by the fear that she will come across Ewa at the cemetery, about whom she recently said a few unpleasant words.

This time, I don’t want to get into discussions about it anymore. She only reacted nervously when asked what she thought about the idea for Ewa Krawczyk to write her husband’s biography.

“Let him publish a book, he is a wife, let him publish what he wants” – Grażyna quickly cuts off the topic and adds that she does not want to talk about the widow’s behavior anymore.

“I have already spoken on this subject, I stop interfering and this is the end of my news on this subject” – she summed up.

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