Evrohohly and Boeing. Ukraine remembers Zadornovym

Mikhail Zadornov in recent years, sharply ridiculed the Ukrainian events.

Writer and humorist Mikhail Zadornov died at the age of 69 after a long battle with cancer.

According to media reports, early last year, Zadornov was diagnosed with a brain tumor; the treatment took place in Germany. The comedian himself was not interviewed about their health and not commented on his health.

At the beginning of 1990-ies Zadornov gained fame as a comedian, he was author and presenter of such TV shows as full House and Smehopanorama. Zadornov is associated with a critical stance towards American culture.

Zadornov’s jokes about Ukraine

Zadornov was well known and popular in Ukraine. However, the attitude among Ukrainians has changed in the beginning of 2014, when comedian and radio spoke sharply about the situation in Ukraine, using the word “evrohohly”.

Shortly after Zadornov signed an appeal of culture of the Russian Federation in support of the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and Crimea.

He believed that in Ukraine, emerging fascism, and the Ukrainian army “shelled the Russian territory to provoke a military conflict.” Zadornov hinted at the need to strike at the Ukraine missile system.

Comedian ridiculed the alleged failure of the army, NATO and Ukraine to confront the Russian military.

In 2015 Zadornov during a speech made a joke about the Malaysian Boeing, shot down over the Donbas, which only reinforced the negative attitude towards it. He believed that the plane was shot down the United States.

“Psaki issued the exact causes of the fall of the Boeing of the Malaysian Boeing, she said, fell because he was heavier than air,” said Zadornov.

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It is known that the phrase assigned them to the former speaker of the White house, Jennifer Psaki, was actually said in 2010, one of the Perm Prosecutor Andrey Deliev. In 2010, he explained the fall of the MiG-31 during a training exercise in the Perm region.

“The plane crashed because of gravity, because the car is heavier than air,” he said.

The comic was included in the list of persons banned entry to Ukraine.

After the announcement of the death of Mikhail Zadornov, the Russians Express their condolences and called him the best comedian, and the Ukrainian segment of social networks were filled with caustic remarks about the comedian.

Biography Zadornov

Mikhail Zadornov was born in 1948 in Jurmala. His father was a writer Nikolay Zadornov (author of the trilogy about migrants, tetralogy about the far East and of the expedition of Admiral Putyatin), and her mother was a hereditary noble of the ancient Polish kings, the corrector of the factory newspaper Elena Dutifully, Matusevich.

In 1974 he graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute on a speciality “engineer-mechanic” at the request of the father. His first stories satirist published in the 1970s and on television debuted in 1982.

The first big success, the future satirist brought the skit, the Two ninth of the car, which he made in 1984 in the program Around laughing. In his speeches he ridiculed the absurdity of the life of Soviet people.

In the late ‘ 80s Zadornov began to leave books and collections (in his bibliography of about fifty), as a rule, he collected their monologues.

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In 1991, Zadornov was recorded new year’s address to Russians. After it aired, Boris Yeltsin – but with a New year of Russians still congratulated the most popular at that time, the humorist.

Since the mid 2000-ies of the evening in his monologues often criticized the “American way of life” and that he imitated the Russians.

In Russia, Zadornov was one of the most popular non-political figure. Was the author and presenter of the gear Sold out, Smehopanorama, Satirical forecast, mothers and Daughters.

He has gone by the wayside of Russian humor, along with the age of the House. However, in recent years, Mikhail Zadornov, was a mandatory participant of the Christmas program of REN TV channel, conducted a humorous and satirical shows on other channels, and news came either in connection with their illness, or because of events in Ukraine.

In the fall of 2016, he said that he has serious health problems. The satirist didn’t go into details about his condition, but said that the treatment “will be hard and long,” in particular, he will undergo chemotherapy.

On 23 October he was hospitalized, the day before the comedian had suffered an epileptic fit during a performance on the stage of the Moscow house of culture of Meridian. It was reported that Zadornov was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Two days before his death on 8 November it became known that a couple of months ago Zadornov has moved from neo-paganism to Orthodoxy.

Of his book describes an alternative view on the history of the Slavs. In 2007, in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda Zadornov told that “lives by the pagan laws, and very happy.”

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In 2012 came the film script Zadornov “Rurik. The lost profit”, which States in particular that Rurik, founder of the dynasty of Rurik was a Slav, not the Vikings.

In honor of the satirist named the asteroid main belt 5043 Zadornov, opened in 1974.

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