“Everyone knows how much potential there is in women's football”

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While it is difficult to create teams across the country, the organization “Khalutz – education through sports” got down to business and began to accelerate the process of creating sports teams for women. In Ramat Gan, for example, three groups have already been created – women, girls and girls – under the guidance of professional coaches: “Girls and women do not hesitate to say that they love to play football and understand it well.”

Women's football in recent years overcomes all barriers and glass ceilings. In the USA, it has long turned into hysteria, and in Europe it has also begun to break records. Last March alone, 91,000 spectators watched the match between Barcelona and "Real" – this is the largest number of fans who came to a football match (male or female) in 2022.

country, girls and boys are also included in the men's groups of Halutz, with the goal of adding more women's groups across the country during 2023-2024. Omer Livnat, founder of Pioneer – Education through Sports, says: “In 2023 there will be no room for gender segregation, women will be fighters, leaders and leaders in any field – their place is also in football, be it a hobby, sports or profession. We are proud to be leading this revolution, everyone knows what a huge potential there is in women's football.

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