Everyone can save a life

 Everyone can save a life

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February 22, 2022, Israel will host a national day for awareness of defibrillators in public places and first aid training.

The Samim Lion social initiative (“Attention to the Heart”) was born from the personal story of Leah Korin. David, her father had a heart attack at work, but the defibrillator, which was nearby, was never used.

Local Government Center, Mifal HaPais, Association of Cardiologists, Magen David Adom, Eifo Defi? and other organizations have come together to launch an awareness campaign to raise awareness of the existence of defibrillators in public places and educate them on how to use them to save lives.

The campaign will culminate in National Awareness Day activities.

On this day, February 22, more than 100 information points will operate throughout the country, where medical teams and volunteers will teach citizens to recognize cases of cardiac arrest and explain the procedure (call an ambulance, find the nearest defibrillator and move it to the scene, etc.). etc.), encouraging the responsibility of people for the life and health of fellow citizens.

Everyone can save a life

Photo: Mifal hapais press service

Approximately 100 municipalities, regional and local councils, as well as the IDF, the Israel Police, the Civil Service Commission, Ihud Atzala, Israel Railways, hospitals and sickness funds, the Azrieli Group, shopping centers " Offer», G complexes, all youth movements and student associations, dozens of fitness centers and other government and public organizations and private enterprises.

Link to the project page: https://www.israeldefi.org< br />
Project «The Lion Himself» works in conjunction with the social platform "Eifo defi?" – an app and website that lists the locations of defibrillators in the public domain. The information is synchronized with the command and control system in the emergency center 101 (Magen David Adom).

About 8,000 deaths due to cardiac arrest are recorded in Israel every year, of which about 50% occur outside the hospital walls. It is the second leading cause of death in the country.

In 2008, the Public Space Defibrillators Act was passed, and to date, thousands of devices have been installed throughout the country. Despite this, public awareness of the availability and ease of use of defibrillators is low, with only a few dozen uses per year. The survival rate in Israel in the event of a cardiac arrest in a public space is only 6%, which is significantly lower than the global average (the OECD average is about 10%, and in some developed countries it reaches 21%).

In the event of cardiac arrest, a person's regular heartbeat stops, as a result of which the flow of oxygen through the blood to the body's organs stops. The only way to restore the heart rate — this is an electric shock, and the decisive factor determining the survival of a person is the speed of receiving help — every minute the chance to restore the heart rate to normal decreases by about 10%, so we really only have a few minutes to use the defibrillator. Studies show that as early as 4 minutes, brain damage can begin due to lack of oxygen. Due to the criticality of the time factor, it has been found that bystanders can be twice as effective as emergency teams, they are the first link in the rescue chain until paramedics arrive at the scene.

“Two years ago, my father, David, had a cardiac arrest at work, he was a healthy 64-year-old man, — says Leahy Korine. — A defibrillator was brought to the scene, but, unfortunately, it was not connected until the brigade arrived. For dad, these minutes were decisive, irreversible neurological disorders occurred. The idea that the device was nearby, but no one connected it, haunts me until now. Over time, I realized that the answer probably lies in the psychological plane, and we as a society need to change our attitude to this problem, and information is a key tool. I decided on this project together with my friends, including – doctors, public health professionals, app developers, advocates, and family members.

 Everyone can save a life

Photo: Leah Rose-Maguenet

Avigdor Yitzhaki, Chairman of the Board of Mifal Hapais: “About a year and a half ago, Mifal Hapais launched a national project in collaboration with MADA to place defibrillators in public spaces. Next to the stalls «Mifal ha-pais» 600 such devices were deployed, equipped with wireless communication with the MADA hotline 101. Approximately NIS 5 million was invested in the project. Defibrillator stands are available 24 hours a day, even when lottery kiosks are closed. “Mifal Hapais” invests all its profits in projects for the benefit of society, and there is no nobler goal than saving lives.

Dr. Itzik Biton, representative of the Association of Cardiologists: “The Israeli Heart Association has been working for many years to improve the quality of medical care patients with heart disease by training medical staff, conducting research and promoting legislative initiatives. Enlightenment of the masses – the same necessary task. The union sees paramount importance in reducing mortality and disability from cases of “sudden death”. We are collaborating with the National Rescue Services, the Ministry of Health, local governments and the Lion Himself social project to raise public awareness about defibrillators in public spaces. This is – one of the first activities aimed at making the State of Israel the world leader in this field.

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