Event of the year: Anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga “My affectionate and gentle … waltz”

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 Event of the year: Evgeny Doga's anniversary concert "My affectionate and gentle.. .waltz"

…OH has the glory of a planetary scale. He is recognized as one of the most famous composers of the 20th century. OH – author of symphonies, cantatas, string quartets and suites; the author of brilliant music for more than 200 films (“The camp goes to heaven”, “Queen Margot”, “Maria, Mirabela”, “The Lonely Hostel is Provided”, etc.). OH – the author of the waltz for the film “My Sweet and Gentle Beast”, recognized by UNESCO as one of the four greatest musical masterpieces of the 20th century, and US President Ronald Reagan at the height of the Cold War called it his favorite contemporary tune. Finally, OH – the creator of music, which was included in the international rating of the best musical works of all time – HIS name is inscribed in golden letters in the top 200 authors of ever written musical masterpieces of classical music: two of HIS compositions at once appeared on the same list with the works of Beethoven, Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky.

Of course, we are talking about Evgeny DOGE – a brilliant musician, a man-legend, Maestro, who will visit Israel as part of a world tour with a big anniversary evening “My sweet and gentle” hellip; waltz» accompanied by a variety symphony orchestra.

 Event of the year: Evgeny Doga's Anniversary Concert "My Affectionate and Gentle... Waltz" < /p>

For residents and guests of Haifa, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Ashdod (concerts will be held in these cities) – this is a unique opportunity to hear the most famous works of the Maestro performed by him!

The older generation will confirm: your favorite melodies, even after decades, sound so that they cause tremors in the body and tears in the eyes, – they are so soulful and soulful. After all, these are not just musical works – this is nostalgia for those times, albeit very difficult ones, this is nostalgia for “our youth”, when on the dance floors in a light waltz the guys circled shy girls to the tune of “My affectionate and gentle beast” hellip;.

 Event of the year: Anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga "My sweet and tender... waltz"

Well, yes, memories, well, yes, nostalgia. Today's youth is unlikely to understand. Let us disagree and assure you of the opposite: the younger generation will also receive tremendous pleasure from the concert – the authenticity of notes, the frankness of words, somewhere even intimacy, will show another, forgotten (or maybe not even known) music in the modern musical movement. This is not electronic, not rave, not dance, not techno – this is divine music that involuntarily makes you think, dream, hope and most importantly – Love!..

By the way, did you know that for Evgeny Doga himself, the popularity of the waltz “My gentle and gentle beast” remains a great mystery to this day. What about the fact that the Maestro doesn't like being told “fame”? “Glory? I don't like this word when applied to myself. What glory? You can say – recognition», – this is how the composer often corrects his interlocutors. Agree, it is strange to hear this from a world-renowned Maestro. But such is Eugene Doga – he has had modesty and self-irony since childhood.

 Event of the year: Anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga

Another recognition of the composer – he very carefully selects those who work with him, with whom he will go on the same stage. And this is very noticeable on the list of star guests of the anniversary evening “My affectionate and gentle” hellip; waltz» accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The tenderness of great music and the melody of amazing songs from the films “The camp goes to the sky”, “Anna Pavlova”, “Lautars”, “Vertical Racing”, “Queen Margo”, “Maria Mirabela” and many others, along with Maestro Evgeny Doga, the audience will be presented by artists already loved by the Israeli audience:

x Method BUJOR – Moldovan opera and pop singer; participant of international opera competitions; variety of TV shows and entertainment, known for his collaborations with many stars;

 of the year: Anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga

x Svetlana TOMA – the same Rada from “The camp that goes to the sky”, – beloved by more than one generation actress and artist; directors value her for her incredible talent and dedication on set;

 Event of the year: Anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga

x popular group DoReDos – winners of prestigious music competitions; participants in many talent shows and entertainment programs; to Eurovision the guys took 7th place; in general, favorites of the public, including the Israeli;

 Event of the year: Anniversary concert by Evgeny Doga "My sweet and tender... waltz" /></p>
<p>x unique musician Konstantin MOSKOVICH – conqueror of the pan flute, soloist of the National Philharmonic of Moldova, organizer of the Variety Music Festival “Songs of the World”. By the way, Konstantin started as a self-taught musician, but his love for music and dedication did their job – Moskovich is known, loved and welcomed in many countries of the world; </p>
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x Vladimir USHAKOV – a person who has conquered all the sounds of the accordion, the author of music and arrangements for the accordion and various accordion ensembles, a producer and organizer of concerts, a participant in various musical projects, a laureate of international competitions, – a man who made Israel fall in love with his talent;

 Event of the year: Anniversary concert by Evgeny Doga "My sweet and tender... waltz" /></p>
<p>x Opera Drive is a unique ART project, and it is unique in many ways: firstly, these are four beautiful girls, secondly, they have the strongest voices that miraculously merge into a fantastic melody; </p>
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x finally, the favorite soloists of the Israeli Opera – Irina BERGMAN and tenor Yotem COHEN, who are not just loved, but adored by opera connoisseurs. alt=” Event of the year: Anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga "My sweet and tender… waltz" ” />

 Event of the year: Anniversary concert of Eugene Doga "My sweet and tender... waltz"

Friends, now you are convinced that this will not just be a big anniversary evening for Evgeny Doga “My sweet and gentle” hellip; waltz» accompanied by a symphony orchestra. It will be a grandiose concert filled with love and tenderness, where the artists will give the viewer their “kindness and tenderness”, and the viewer will thank the best fee – with their applause.

«Love and passion– this is a great energy force that allows you to realize many plans without problems. When a person is in love, he is able to conquer the highest peak & hellip;», – considers the greatest composer of all times and peoples, Evgeny Doga.

We are sure that this energy force will fill the concert hall and its surroundings on the anniversary concert evening. Be sure to come and congratulate the Maestro – give him your audience love!
Buy tickets here https://biletru.co.il/events/yubiley-evgenia-doga-v-izraile/
or call *4997
concerts will take place:
March 2, 20:00, Haifa, Auditorium Hall 138 a-Nasi Ave.;
March 4, 20:00, Petah Tikva, Gehal a-Tarbutul. Amakabim 5;
March 5, 20:00, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv University – Auditorium «Smolarsh», st. Dr. George Weiss – gate 4;
March 6, 20:00, Beersheba, Performing Arts Center – Big salvo. Yitzhak Reger 41;
March 7, 20:00, Ashdod, Performing Arts Center. Derech Haaretz 1.

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