Evenings organized by Marc Bibeau: the QLP is a party that is “under the influence”, according to the PQ

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    Wednesday, November 15, 2017 08:58

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    The Quebec liberal Party is a political formation “under the influence”, says the PQ, which sum the government Couillard to explain its links with Marc Bibeau.

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    Our Bureau of investigation revealed on Wednesday that Mr Bibeau, ex-treasurer of the QLP held in his home at least seven sumptuous receptions, at the beginning of the 2000s, to put in contact the elected liberals and key members of the business community.

    The parliamentary leader of the parti québecois Pascal Bérubé believes that it is of the “never-seen” and that the PLQ is a “training policy under the influence, that of Marc Bibeau”. “Is there a citizen in Quebec who could say : “Me, I’d like to have half of the Council of ministers in my court to do a party”? No, I don’t think this is possible,” he explained.

    He asked the IB to investigate the reimbursement of certain expenses which would have been carried out by ministerial offices.

    Direct line

    The Bureau of investigation also revealed that Mr. Bibeau has made hundreds of calls to the ceos of Crown corporations such as Hydro-Québec. It is on the nail as the Coalition avenir Québec has chosen to hit.

    “Does the prime minister find it normal that the grand treasurer of the liberal Party, Marc Bibeau, make thousands of calls to Jean Charest, Michelle Courchesne, the leaders of the SAQ, to the leaders of Crown corporations with which it has contracts? It do you find it normal?”, denounced the leader François Legault.

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    Same question for “the sheriff” Eric Cairo : “These lines are still active? It was sprawling. What you need to know is at what point the arms of Marc Bibeau is in the business of the State”, denounced the caquiste Eric Cairo.

    He also believes that the liberal ministers who presented themselves at the feasts of Mr. Bibeau are, at best, a “great naivety”. “I can’t believe that they did not question the power of a man capable of inviting half of the council of ministers,” said Mr. Cairo.

    The CAQ is now asking Philippe Couillard of “mandate the executive council to make extensive checks on all the links of Marc Bibeau in the various State societies, in the different departments”.

    The PLQ is corrupt, ” said Khadir

    The member of parliament for Québec solidaire, went further. He also believes that the liberal Party is always “corrupted”. “The corruption is endemic as long as the Party in power still has millions of dollars of money fraudulently acquired. The corruption gangrene the liberal Party and this is not set,” quipped Mr. Khadir.

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