Eurovision sensational winners Måneskin release a new single

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Eurovision sensational winners Måneskin release a new single

The Italian rock band Måneskin has released the song “Mammamia”, produced by Fabricio Feraguco in collaboration with the band members themselves. It was unveiled on Friday by joining a club in Berlin, where the Italians performed the new single to a specially selected fan base.

The new Måneskin song “Mammamia” has traditionally been recorded live in the band’s style to preserve the sound of raw rock music, but with a touch of dance and club music.

“The message of the song is about how your behavior is perceived by others, even though your true intentions and thoughts are the opposite of them,” the publishers say.

The first impressions of “Mammamia” are not super-sensational – an ordinary handpiece, but such are the majority of “Måneskin’s” repertoire, but these Italians are now breaking the world charts and breaking the records of streaming services. Moreover, seeing the performance of this song “live” (the viewer also had the honor to connect to the world’s premiere of the song), a completely different assessment of the song – the colorful Italians perform it with such new, energy and charisma that it is simply impossible not to hear the song. It should be reminded that Latvian listeners will be able to see about their “live” performance in person after six months – on March 11, 2022 at “Arena Riga”.

“Måneskin” is an Italian rock band that has become a global phenomenon after winning the Eurovision Song Contest and, thanks to the singles “Zitti E Buoni”, “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Beggin”, has become one of the music streaming platforms in a few months. for the most played artists. In numbers, they have more than 3 billion streams in total. The band’s recordings have reached 24 platinum and 16 gold statuses around the world, as well as the simultaneous presence of two singles in the prestigious Top 10 of the UK’s best-selling song. The rapid popularity also ensured that the upcoming 14-concert concert tour in Europe, including Riga, was fully sold out at a record speed – within two hours.

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