Eurovision changes the voting system – how it will affect Israel's chances

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 Eurovision changes the voting system – how it will affect Israel's chances< /p>

On Tuesday, the Eurovision Song Contest announced that the way the finalists are determined will change from next year.

will be determined solely on the basis of votes cast by viewers of the contest, rather than a combination of jury and public voting as has been the case since 2009.

In addition, viewers from countries not participating in the contest will also be able to vote for the first time – a move that could significantly affect Israel's chances of winning the competition. The votes of viewers from non-participating countries will be summed up and converted into points that will have the same weight as one participating country in both the semi-final and the final.

“In 2023, viewers only The Eurovision Song Contest will decide which countries will advance to the Grand Final, and reflecting the global impact of the event, everyone who watches the show, wherever they live, can vote for their favorite songs”, – According to the EBU.

Eurovision 2023 will be held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine following the victory of the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra in 2022. According to preliminary results, next year the country will be represented by Taras Topol – leader of the Antitila group

Viewers in all participating countries will still be able to vote via SMS, phone or through a special application. Viewers from other countries will be able to vote through a secure online platform using their country's credit card.

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