“European Oscar”: named the best film and actors of the year

The European Film Academy announced the best films of 2021.

The main award went to the film “Where are you going, Aida?”. The film tells the story of the translator Aida, who is trying to save her loved ones. The plot is set against the backdrop of the 1995 Balkan conflict.

The best director was Jasmila Zbanic, who shot this film, and the best actress was recognized as Jasna Djuricic, who played the main role.

In addition, the European Prize Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins for Best Actor. Hopkins was honored for his brilliant role in Father. Recall that for the same role he received an Oscar.

The European Film Academy Award was founded on the initiative of European directors and was opposed to the Oscar. Therefore, the award is sometimes referred to as the “ European Oscar. ''

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